October 17, 2019
October 17, 2019


9:00 a.m. – Registration reception

9:30 a.m. - Opening Session

Rector of the University of Beira Interior

City Councilor of Covilhã 

President of APEEN

President of  Management and Economics Departament of UBI

Conference ’s Chair

10:00 a.m. - Concurrent Sessions 

Concurrent Session I – Environmental performance in enterprises – Room I

Session Chair: Susana Silva 

1. Firm-level evidence on directed technological change involving energy input in Portugal

Zheng Hou, Catarina Palma and Joaquim Ramalho

2. Environmental and financial performance - are they aligned for portuguese companies?

Margarita Robaina and Mara Madaleno

3. A critical analysis of implications of industry 4.0 and internet of things on sustainable business models of small and medium-sized enterprises

Sara Sadat Golmaryami, Manuel Lopes Nunes and Sahar Golmaryami

Concurrent Session II – Decentralized energy generation – Room II

Session Chair: Mara Madaleno 

1. Decentralized renewable energy projects on isolated islands in Europe: a policy review

Maroula Tsagari and Jordi Roca Jusmet

2. Evaluation of decentralized electricity storage within Portuguese context

Marta Mota, António Martins, Teresa Mata and Nidia Caetano

3. Emissions reduction by dynamic optimization of distributed energy storage under aggregator's control

Santtu Karhinen, Hannu Huuki and Enni Ruokamo

Concurrent Session III – Demand Response Modelling – Room III

Session Chair: Daniel Dragomir-Stanciu

1. Improvement of customer baselines for the evaluation of demand response through the use of physically-based load models

Antonio Gabaldon, Ana García-Garre, Maricarmen Ruiz Abellón, Antonio Guillamon, Sergio Valero, Carlos Alvarez and Luis A. Fernández-Jiménez

2. Regression modelling to assess the acceptance of demand response programs

Paula Ferreira, Ana Rocha and Madalena Araújo

3. An innovative framework on the assessment of consumption by levels and time periods to design demand-side management policies: Germany as a case study

Diogo Pereira and António Marques

11:15 a.m. - Coffee Break

11:45 a.m. - Plenary Session – Room I

Artur Trindade - President of Iberian Market Operator

1:00 p.m. - Lunch 

2:30 p.m. - Concurrent Sessions 

Concurrent Session IV – DR: Policies and Implementation  - Room I

Session Chair: Margarita Robaina

1. Solar power profitability with demand response and carbon-corrected electricity prices

Hannu Huuki, Santtu Karhinen, Chao Ding, Enni Ruokamo and Herman Böök

2. Ageing Population and electricity demand: An analysis for the EU-28

Vera Magalhães, Margarita Robaina and Victor Moutinho

3. Technical demand response potential for the Brazilian power system

Géremi Dranka, Paula Ferreira and Ismael Vaz

4. Demand Response, Market Design and Risk: A Literature Review

Joana Sousa and Isabel Soares

Concurrent Session V – Local Energy Communities – Room II

Session Chair: Ana Maria Rosso-Ceron

1. Economic potentials of community-shared solar plants from the utility-side of the meter – a Hungarian case

Nikolett Deutsch and László Berényi

2. Local energy communities and the European energy market: main motivations of their members

Susana Soeiro and Marta Ferreira Dias

3. Demand-side flexibility in an energy community setting: a multi-agent system approach

Inês F. G. Reis, Ivo Gonçalves, Marta A. R. Lopes and Carlos Henggeler Antunes

Concurrent Session VI – Social Regulation in Energy Consumption – Room III

Session Chair: Sónia Neves

1. The impact of social norms and information in Portuguese energy consumption decisions

Mónica Meireles, Rita Raposo, Mara Madaleno and Marta Ferreira Dias

2. Energy literacy within Portuguese universities

Ana Martins, Mara Madaleno and Marta Ferreira Dias

3. The effect of household characteristics and attitudes on the choice of using electricity company online service

Teemu Meriläinen


3:45 p.m. - Coffee Break 

4:00 p.m. - Plenary Session – Room I

Efficient Demand-Side Management: Theory and Applications

Aitor Ciarreta - University of the Basque Country and BiRe  

6:00 p.m.  General Assembly of APEEN at Faculty Meetings Room

8:00 p.m. - Conference dinner at Tryp Dona Maria Covilhã

October 18, 2019
October 18, 2019


8:30 a.m. - Registration reception

9:00 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session VII – Demand Response and Heating Systems – Room I

Session Chair: Alcino Couto

1. Imbalance price prediction for the implicit demand response potential evaluation of an electrode boiler

Jens Baetens, Jeroen D. M. De Kooning, Greet Van Eetvelde and Lieven Vandevelde

2. Demand flexibility of space heating and cooling

Naim Majdalani, Daniel Aelenei, Rui Amaral Lopes and Carlos Santos Silva

3. ORC as bottoming cycle for internal engines CHP power plant with low heat demand – case study

Daniel Dragomir-Stanciu and Beatrice Radu

Concurrent Session VIII – Review of Electricity Markets – Room II

Session Chair: Marta Guerra Da Mota

                1. The paradox of renewable energy in the production of electricity - Iberian market

Monica Meireles, Mafalda Sousa and Mara Madaleno

2. Electric power bid determination and evaluation for price taker units under price uncertainty

Ahmet Deniz Yücekaya and Jorge Valenzuela

3. Retrospecting the integration of renewable energy sources in the electricity price formation: is the MOE occurring in Portugal?

Daniela Macedo, António Marques and Olivier Damette

Concurrent Session IX – Alternative and Sustainable – Room III


Session Chair: Margarita Robaina

1. Main determinants of market battery electric vehicles in Europe: frational regression models for second stage DEA efficiency approaches

Sónia Neves, António Marques and Vitor Moutinho

2. Costs assesment and impact on the power sector of a transition towards H2 fueled vehicles

Borja Olavarría, José Villar, Fco Alberto Campos and Salvador Domenech

3. Demand response and energy storage: a portfolio to manage railway power system peaks due to synchronized timetables

Ana Garcia-Garre, Antonio Gabaldon, Maricarmen Ruiz Abellón, Antonio Guillamon, Juan Medina and Sergio Valero

10:15 a.m. - Coffee Break

10:45 a.m. - Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session X – Climate Change and Environment – Room I

Session Chair: Victor Moutinho

1. The importance of the economic sectorial diversification in sustainable energy in the OPEC countries: A new EKC application

Victor Moutinho, Vera Magalhães and António Marques

2. Climate change impacts on electricity demand: the Portuguese case

Susana Silva, Isabel Soares and Carlos Pinho

3. The role of ICT in energy consumption and environment in the Asian economies

Zeeshan Arshad and Margarita Robaina


Concurrent Session XI – Electricity markets analysis – Room II

Session Chair: Ahmet Yucekaya

1. Value of demand flexibility for providing ancillary services: a study of the Irish DS3 market

Osaru Agbonaye, Patrick Keatley, Motasem Bani Mustafa, Olu wasola Ademulegun, Ye Huang and Neil Hewitt

2. Emprising revival of Telangana power sector

Mohammed Shameem P

3. Impacts of renewables integration on electricity spot prices: the French case

Maxime Cremel and Olivier Damette


Concurrent Session XII – Sustainable Energy Sources – Room III

Session Chair: Sónia Neves

1. The Turkstream pipeline: a simple business policy or a Russian geopolitical energy project?

Nikolett Deutsch and Attila Virág

2. Computational tool in fuzzy environment to select sustainable alternatives of power generation for isolated areas of Colombia

Ana Maria Rosso Cerón, Viacheslav Kafarov and Andrés León-Esteban

3. The case for the use of forest biomass for electricity production as a land management tool in Portugal

Lígia Pinto, Sara Sousa and Marieta Valente

12:00 a.m. - Break

12:15 a.m. - Plenary Session – Room I

Electric Vehicles and Diversification of the Electricity Mix

Jorge Sousa - President of ISEL

1:15 p.m. – Lunch

2:30 p.m. - Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session XIII – DSM: Drivers and RegulationI – Room I

Session Chair: Victor Moutinho

1. Comparison between economic or environmental drivers for demand side aggregator

Mattia Barbero, Lluc Canals Casals and Cristina Corchero

2. Analysis of regulatory frameworks for hybrid systems consisting of battery storage and power-to-heat in selected European countries

Alena Worschech, Henning Wigger, Urte Brand, Benedikt Hanke, Patrick Draheim, Theys Diekmann, Frank Schuldt, Thomas Vogt and Karsten von Maydell

3. Main drivers of the electricity waste generation in 15 European Countries: Dynamic GMM regression models

Victor Moutinho, José Fuinhas, António Marques and Vera Magalhães

4. Electricity Demand side management in a Transitioning electricity system

Balasubramanian Sambasivam and Balachandra P

Concurrent Session XIV – Energy Efficiency – Room II

Session Chair: Lígia Pinto

1. Demand response for residential buildings: case studies and DR program design by the respond project

Paulo Lissa, Federico Seri and Marcus Keane

2. Prepaid electricity and in-home displays: an alternative for the most vulnerable households in Colombia

Juan Gallego, Jhon Jairo Garcia, Jamer Franco and Mateo Cardona

3. Assessing the relevance of the socio-economic barriers to energy efficiency in the building and transport sectors in eight European Countries

Francesco Colelli, Edoardo Croci and Tania Molteni

Concurrent Session XV – Energy storage - Room III

Session Chair: José Vilar

1. Upgrading wind and storage resources for increased demand-side energy generation and market value

Oluwasola Ademulegun, Patrick Keatley, Osaru Agbonaye and Neil Hewitt

2. Business case analysis of hybrid systems consisting of battery storage and power-to-heat on the German energy market

Patrick Draheim, Uli Schlachter, Henning Wigger, Alena Wor schech, Urte Brand, Theys Diekmann, Frank Schuldt, Benedikt Hanke, Thomas Vogt and Karsten von Maydell

3. Evaluation of active control strategies of electric thermal storage systems in residential building stock

Giuseppina Buttitta, Donal Finn and Colin N. Jones

3:45 a.m. - Coffee Break

4:00 p.m. - Plenary Sessions/Round Table – Room I

Isabel Apolinário Director of Pricing and Tariffs ERSE

Luísa Matos CEO of Virtual Power Solution

Isabel Soares President of APEEN

6:30 p.m. - Guided Tour – Urban Art WOOL at Covilhã

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